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Governmental Affairs Update October 9, 2015
October 12, 2015

Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking And Request For Comments.

Tyndall AFB does not currently have the authority to restrict access to the shoreline of Tyndall AFB if needed to respond to a security threat.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) is proposing to revise the regulations at 33 CFR part 334 by establishing a restricted area in the waters surrounding Tyndall AFB. This amendment will allow the Installation Commander, Tyndall AFB to temporarily restrict the passage of persons, watercraft, and vessels in waters contiguous to this facility when a specific and credible security threat is identified, providing greater security for personnel and equipment during those periods.  The comment period for this proposed rule ends on October 14th.  Please visit the Federal Register web page to leave your comments on this proposal. 


Bay County Legislative Delegation Set Public Hearing

Panama City - Chairman Jay Trumbull and the members of the Bay County state legislative delegation, invite you to join them for a public hearing to be held on Monday, November 9th, from 5:30 pm until 7:00 pm CST. The meeting will take place at the Bay County Board of County Commissioners' Chamber located at 840 West 11th Street, Panama City, Florida 32401.

Delegation members will hear public comments on proposals for the 2016 Legislative Session. They will also consider and vote on a "local bill" (which is state legislation that only pertains to a municipality, taxing district, or school district within the county). The local bill slated to be heard is a proposal to dissolve an Inactive Special District; Bay County Bridge Authority.


If you would like to be placed on the agenda for the delegation meeting, please contact Patti, Butchikas, legislative assistant to Representative Jay Trumbull, at 850-914-6300 or by email at, no later than 5 pm CST, Monday November 2nd, 2015. Any member of the public is welcome to attend and participate.

The Bay County Delegation includes Representative Jay Trumbull, Representative Brad Drake, and Senator Don Gaetz.


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