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Governmental Affairs Update April 2nd
April 2, 2013

This periodic update is intended to keep you informed on issues impacting your business and our community.  We encourage you to stay in tune on these activities and to communicate with our elected officials.  In addition, you will receive "ACTION ALERTS" during session, or on a local level, as issues arise and we need mass communication with our elected leadership.  When the time comes, please respond quickly as our officials need prompt input from their constituents.

Thank you for making Bay County a better place to live, work and play!

Governmental Affairs Update April 2

On March 5, we urged you to write to your elected representatives in support of Governor Scott's proposal to eliminate the current sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment. Yesterday, the Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee members voted unanimously to advance the measure through Senate Bill 518 by Senator Dorothy Hukill.

In addition, the committee also passed Senate Bill 582 by Senator Bill Galvano which expedites the permitting process for applications for manufacturing plants and gives local governments more discretion in developing manufacturing.

This is a large step forward in passing the elimination of the manufacturers' sales tax and we urge you to continue to contact your elected representatives in support of the proposal. Your voice will be a key factor in convincing legislators to vote "yes" for this idea during Session. Below you will find links to your representatives.

Previous Update: March 5

Governor Scott's proposal to eliminate the current sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment will allow Florida's existing manufacturers to take advantage of reduced costs to expand and make additional capital investments. Further, for manufacturers considering relocating or expanding, reducing costs by eliminating this tax barrier will lead to more out-of-state and international firms considering Florida. The removal of $141 million in annual state-imposed taxes on manufacturing machinery and equipment will allow Florida to experience increases in economic activity and growth in jobs in other related areas.  

In short, supporting this investment in manufacturing will lead to higher economic output by manufacturers and tangible benefits for all Floridians-stable, high-wage jobs and increased business opportunities for companies that supply and support Florida manufacturers. Replacing the revenue generated by this tax elimination will be easily absorbed by the new jobs and revenues from new and expanding manufacturers.

Click here for more information on the manufacturers tax .

Florida House of Representatives - Click here to find and contact your Representative

Florida Senate - Click here to find and contact your Senator


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