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Governmental Affairs Action Alert March 5th
March 7, 2013

One of Governor Rick Scott's top priorities for the 2013 Legislative Session is eliminating the sales tax Florida imposes on manufacturing machinery and equipment.

Florida is one of the few states that continue to impose such a tax, and it is one of the reasons why the state is at a competitive disadvantage as it pursues manufacturers to create jobs in the Sunshine State. Florida ranks 44th among the states in terms of the percentage of the state's workforce employed in manufacturing (4.3%) and 47th in its percentage of Gross State Product attributable to manufacturing (5%).  This is in spite of the fact that manufacturing has the biggest economic multiplier effect of all industries in Florida, pays an average annual wage about $10,000 higher than the overall average Florida private sector wage, and has the smallest volatility in personal income streams over time of all employment sectors in Florida.

Governor Scott's proposal to eliminate the current sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment will allow Florida's existing manufacturers to take advantage of reduced costs to expand and make additional capital investments. Further, for manufacturers considering relocating or expanding, reducing costs by eliminating this tax barrier will lead to more out-of-state and international firms considering Florida. The removal of $141 million in annual state-imposed taxes on manufacturing machinery and equipment will allow Florida to experience increases in economic activity and growth in jobs in other related areas.  

In short, supporting this investment in manufacturing will lead to higher economic output by manufacturers and tangible benefits for all Floridians-stable, high-wage jobs and increased business opportunities for companies that supply and support Florida manufacturers. Replacing the revenue generated by this tax elimination will be easily absorbed by the new jobs and revenues from new and expanding manufacturers.

Please contact your elected representatives and let them know that you support Governor Scott's plan to increase good jobs and economic growth in Florida by eliminating the sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment.  Your voice will be a key factor in convincing legislators to vote "yes" for this idea during Session.  Below you will find links to your representatives.

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Florida House of Representatives -
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Florida Senate - Click here to find and contact your Senator

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