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click to enlarge Tourism Appreciation Month (TAM) Task Force

National Tourism Week is the first full week in May. The Bay County Chamber takes it a step further and celebrates the month of May as Tourism Appreciation Month (TAM) to highlight the importance of tourism in our community. In conjunction with the title sponsors we recognize our number one industry.

Want to show employees appreciation for their work in the Tourism Industry?

Here are some tips from our Tourism Appreciation Month Task Force:


• Encourage your employees to dress up for themed area events such as Pirate Fest, Mardi Gras, etc. Employees enjoy a change from the daily uniform and guests enjoy the fun festive atmosphere that the costumes bring.

• Have an employee pot luck. It’s a great opportunity to try some new dishes and get to know everyone better.

• Throw an “I Survived ________ Party” after a big event or extra busy time like Thunder Beach, spring break, summer, etc. This can be a mini party with pizza and a couple giveaways. Basically show your employees that you appreciate all their hard work and commitment sooner than waiting until the end of the year.

• If too busy for a mini party, choose a day to provide free lunch for your employees with to go boxes. Order in or pick up something easy like pizza, BBQ, hot dogs, lasagna!  

• Hold an end of the year holiday party away from work for employees and a guest . While employees may already know each other it’s nice to meet the spouse or significant other and show them you appreciate their support as well. Holding your holiday party away from the work place provides more of a sense of a party. Make it fun with games and giveaways for employees and perhaps one or two for guests to get involved as well. No money for prizes? Many local businesses are willing to trade services or products because they are often looking for prizes and giveaways for their own parties too.


• To encourage team building and property familiarization, organize an employee scavenger hunt. Create clues directing teams to individual rooms, common areas, conference spaces and more. The first three teams to finish win prizes! For added drama, mount a GoPro camera on a team member to capture the scavenger hunt action. Share the video with the entire staff plus via social media.


• Host an employee talent show at your business. Invite guests or patrons to judge the competition. The interactive show becomes free entertainment for customers and a morale booster for employees who showcase their hidden talents plus take home prizes.


• Feature a different employee in your company newsletter or e-newsletter each month. Being featured makes the employee feel special. Additionally, colleagues learn of common interests which strengthen bonds and promote empathy.


• Create Tourism Appreciation Month buttons for your front desk or servers to wear in May. Customize your messages of appreciation. Find the needed supplies at

Help us say thank you to our visitors too! Tourism Appreciation Month is a public awareness campaign encouraging business owners and the community to say "Thank You for Visiting" on business marquees, signs and websites. 



The responsibility of the Tourism Appreciation Month committee is to aid in the planning of the month's fun events. 


To join the Tourism Appreciation Month committee, or for information regarding events, contact Elizabeth Smith at 850.215.3761 or








The mission of the Bay County Chamber of Commerce is to create superior value for all chamber members large and small, cultivate economic and personal development, promote and protect a competitive system of business, be a community leader while embracing Bay County’s opportunities and challenges.


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